Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Be Known! High Salt Diet Can Delay Puberty

The most satisfying feeling, you will ever experience is that, when your kids flourish emotionally, physically and spiritually well. The kids are part of us, to see them grow strong and healthy makes all our sacrifices seem worthwhile.

High salt diet

A diet which is high in salt can delay the puberty of kids, so say scientists. Sodium is hidden in the number of food stuffs, such as canned soups, frozen pizza and white bread. It seems late onset of puberty can cause, behavioral problems, stress and reduced fertility.

Scientists did experiments on rats, and found that rats fed on a high salt diet had a significant delay in reaching puberty, when compared to those fed on a normal salt diet. Surprisingly, rats that were fed a salt free diet also had delayed puberty.

So it is a must that you add salt, but in the right amounts for proper growth and nourishment. 5 grams of salt is the recommended amount for adults by the WHO.

Interesting facts

The exotic versions of salt- Pink Himalayan, Breton Gray, Hawaiian Alexa, may dent a whole in your pocket, but they are bad for you same as the humble table salt. The sodium content is equal in both of these, be it processed or pure.

So, it would be wise, to flavor your foods with herbs and spices and a recommended amount of salt for a more fulfilling meal.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cesarean Risk Greatly Reduced Due To Pregnancy Exercise

The moment you learn that you are pregnant, the first silent prayer from your soul, would be for a safe delivery of a healthy offspring. Healthy food, proper exercise and a cheerful countenance greatly help in your prayer being answered.

Exercise during pregnancy

Scientists say that pregnant women who exercise can significantly lower the risk of cesarean sections and giving birth to large babies. They found that women who exercised had a 31% reduced risk of having a large baby at birth, and chances of a cesarean section was reduced to 20%

Wise words for pregnant women

Iron supplements on a daily basis during pregnancy decreases the risk of low birth weight babies.

Obesity and being overweight can increase the risk of having preterm babies and greater risk of infant death. The key to healthy pregnancy would be to achieve a healthy weight range before your pregnancy.

But the good news is that researchers say that, it is safe for obese moms to be to lose weight during pregnancy. But before you try anything have a word with your doctor.

Maintain proper oral hygiene during pregnancy, because the bacteria from the mother’s mouth could travel through the blood to amniotic fluid and can affect the baby, causing preterm birth, low birth weight, infection and premature onset of contractions.

Aim for a stress free, relaxed and happy pregnancy with proper diet, good rest and regular exercise.

To give you an idea of pregnancy exercise I have attached a YouTube video. Have a word with your doctor before you start any exercise.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

6 Stunning Reasons To Get a Good Night Sleep

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book” says an old Irish proverb. The creator programmed us for proper rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work. Sleep loss is so ubiquitous these days that it may be detrimental to our health. Here is some research proven reasons to indicate the importance of quality sleep. After reading this I hope you will switch off everything to get a good and peaceful shuteye time.


Scientists have found out that a sleepless night leads to impairment in the ability to concentrate. When healthy individuals are deprived of proper sleep, they may suffer symptoms similar to that of schizophrenia. In this condition, there is loss of contact with reality. Researchers say that a sleepless night hampers the filtering function of the brain. The unselected flood of information without the proper functioning of the filtering system causes chaos in the brain.

Cell damage

If you are not going to get proper sleep, then the results would be scary. There is a link between sleep loss and cell damage. A new study found that sleep loss causes damage to cells, especially in the liver, lung and small intestine. But there is a good news, proper recovery sleep can heal this damage without any medication. So if a good night’s sleep filled the last place in your agenda, shift it to the first position, and give sleep is its due right.

Decision making

A hot from the oven research study says that sleep deprivation can hinder your decision making ability. Researchers showed the participants that unknown to them were preassigned to have either a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ value. Every time the participants responded correctly, they were given a fictitious monetary reward. The group that had a good night’s sleep, and those who were sleep deprived performed well. 

The second step was a tricky one. Here the contingencies were reversed, so the participants had to withhold a response to ‘go’ numbers and to respond to the ‘not go’ numbers. Even after being shown 40 numbers with reversed contingencies the sleep deprived participants had zero success. Their sleep nourished counterparts performed well. Scientists warn us that sleep loss could affect our decision making ability.


Poor sleeping habits can lead to overweight and obesity. Research says that sleep deprivation can activate a specific brain region that contributes to a person’s appetite. Scientists found that the sensation is more activated in this region after one night of sleep loss. Whereas normal sleep does not activate to that extent. What do you infer from this? Sleep loss can make you eat more.

A study found that sleep deprivation can increase food purchasing the next day. Lack of sleep increases the levels of ghrelin a hormone that increases hunger says one research study. The salience network in our brain gets affected due to sleep loss. This makes us to eat more fat and less carbohydrates. Be warned! A good night’s sleep loss increases your hunger pangs and make you eat more fatty foods. That’s a really a dangerous idea.

Brain health

Sleep loss can affect your brain health. Scientists found that if you miss out on sleep even for a single night. It results in an increase of NSE and S-100B. These are molecules found in the brain. Their increased concentrations indicate loss of brain tissue. So researchers warn that good sleep is essential for optimal brain health. Lack of good quality sleep may promote neurodegenerative processes.


Missing out on a good night’s sleep causes a disaster to your facial features. It may lead to having droopy eyelids, reddened and swollen eyes and dark circles, which many women dread. Sleep loss can cause pale skin, more wrinkles, fine lines and more droopy corners of the mouth. People feel sad and fatigued and this may affect their interactions with the outside world and hamper their efficiency, says one research study. So for looking good and feeling great, get a good night’s sleep.

Take away
In a nutshell sleep helps you to be healthy, smart, slim and beautiful. So snuggle in your cozy bed and drift off into the world of dreams. Fall asleep listening to the sound of the rain drops or a melody trickling in your ear. Sleep tight and good dreams!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 Research Proven Tips To Boost Your Happiness Quotient

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness”-Charles Spurgeon

Happiness is the most amazing feeling you can experience, through your journey on this planet. It increases your well being, promotes healing and increases your immunity. Happy people are fun to be around, they spread this wonderful feeling radiating it on all sides of their environment. Here are 5 reasons that can make you a happier person.

Buying experiences

Enjoying life experiences makes you happy, so says a research study. Scientists found out that people stopped being happy, when they kept wanting more and more and raising their standard of living. People who had new or fresh experiences were happy as a humming bird. Let us say you are redecorating your house, enjoy every moment of it and make memories. Never compare it with nearby Johns and sulk in your own shell. You will lose your happiness.


Spirituality can make you happy. I can guarantee you from my own life, the feeling that you are loved, cared for and guided by the most powerful force of this universe, can serve as an anchor in the vast ocean called life. Researchers found that people who were religious were much happier, than their non-religious counterparts. They felt more respected and had bundles of positive energy.

Your kids can make you happy. If you are coasting the middle years of life, you would have very well experienced this firsthand. Research says that parents who prioritize their children’s well-being over their own are not only happier, but also derive more meaning in life. The child-centric parents had greater positive feelings and less negative ones. 


Trust is the essence of being human. It seems the feelings of trust greatly enhances the feelings of happiness. Oxytocin is the trust hormone and it increases the sense of wellbeing. Scientists found that the levels of oxytocin hormone greatly increased, when women felt trusted and they reported more satisfied with life and felt less depressed. It is difficult to pen down more about the feelings of trust, because it is so unique.


Being comfortable with who you are is the key to happiness, I found out it the hard way, I was so insecure that people who are closest to me took it for granted, until the day, I realized that it is a liberating feeling to be comfortable in your own skin. The moment you have self-acceptance, the whole scenario changes, you begin to respect yourself, become brave and others start to respect you. Spirituality greatly helps in accepting yourself as you are, the knowledge that the creator of the universe loves you gives you an edge.

Apart from the above points scientists say that giving, having friends- the ones that will lift you up, exercising, appreciating and being a bounce back person can greatly enrich your happiness quotient.
So be happy and stay happy!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Expert- Dreams Transcends Generations

There was this young girl, who had dreams of becoming a great artist….

Time flew by she started painting – she painted on pillow covers, glass panes, window sill, anything she could unleash her creativity.

Time flew by, she got married, became a mom of two adorable kids,

She poured her heart and soul into her motherhood, forgot all her ambitions, goals and dreams- just to raise her two kids.

Time flew by- her kids became teenagers, she was there for them, the pillar of strength, the beacon of hope, the guide when they lost their way.

Time Flew by the kids got married, the seasons changed, they moved to another country, she was there always there patient, warm and kind.

(I am telling you the story of my mother.
Even now, whatever happens the first thing I do is call my mom, even for a silly little thing- to ask how much salt to add to the chicken preparation. )

Time flew by she had grand kids, and Mother Nature itself honored her passion for art. 

My Son is good in art. The other day I was cleaning his shelf, I found an old book, full of fancy writing. The book was upside down, when I turned it over, I was amazed.

It was dedicated


My son had dedicated it to my mother, my eyeballs became sweaty. I think that this is the best gift I can ever give her. Her dreams are still thriving, her hopes have flourished and it will be passed on safely to the generations to come.

Take care,

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Pied Pier Effect of an Apple Can Make You a Wise Shopper

Have you heard about the Pied piper effect? Those first thoughts you have early in the morning predicts your attitude throughout the day. That’s why it is important to meditate early in the morning.

Pied piper effect of fruits and vegetables

In a similar fashion, scientists did an interesting study. 120 shoppers were randomly selected. Some of them were given a crunchy piece of apple to taste.  Some others were given a delicious cookie and some were not given anything.

The shoppers gladly continued with their shopping. They were tracked down by the researchers. The people who were given an apple sample, bought more of fruits and veggies, than those who were given a cookie sample, and people who were not given neither a cookie nor an apple. That’s pretty sad.

The other interesting factor to point out here is that, those people who were given a cookie sample bought more of the junk food stuff. Interesting is it not?

Showcase fruits and veggies

If you want to make your kids eat more of the good stuff. Scientists advise you to keep fruits and vegetables in a clear bowl and within arm’s reach. So, after a tired, hungry day you and your kids would snack on healthy food. I would even advise you to keep a jar of nuts nearby, so you can relish a handful of nuts, along with fruits and veggies.

Healthy diet protects you from an early death, reduces diabetes risk and greatly improves your happiness and mental health. And last but not the least regular family meals boosts the intake of fruits and vegetables in kids.

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