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Stephen Wiltshire- An Autistic Person With Incredible Photographic Memory

Meet Stephen Wiltshire is a British architectural artist. He has incredible memory which is so accurate, that he can draw big landscape after seeing it just once. The most amazing thing about him is that he is autistic. Watch this video of how he transforms a white canvas, into thriving city.

If you are concerned that your child has some special needs, just pay close attention, the creator of the universe would have blessed your child with some astonishing talents waiting to be discovered.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

High Dangers of High Heels

Here are some interesting quotes about high heels, you will find these amusing

“Keep your head, heels and standards high”

“The higher the heel, the better you feel”

“Life is short, heels shouldn’t be”

“High heels bring you closer to heaven”

“Chase your dreams in high heels, of course”

Okay had your fill? These are the quotes of fashion conscious people. But there are opposing views from the so called “health conscious” researchers.
High heels are a fashion statement, it gives a graceful gait, a shorter stride and gives a mirage-effect of slender legs. Due to this increased attractiveness and a boost in self-confidence many ladies prefer to be high heeled.

But all these plus points come at a price- the price of your health. The researchers suggest that higher the heels greater the risk.

Health consequences

High heels cause problems because they force the foot into a naturally unstable position. Scientists warn us that the high heels changes our gait cycle or walking style. The changes at the ankle cause the muscles higher in the leg and back to lose efficiency and strength.

Researchers say that wearing high heels changes the load the bones in and around the knee have to absorb. This can lead to injury.

When you wear high heels for the first time, everything seems to be perfect. You look stylish and in fact, it can even strengthen the ankles initially. This happens because the muscles that surround the ankles have to continually contract to keep you walking in an upright position.

But as the days go by, all is not well as it sounds. As time passes the lower leg muscles get adapted to high heels and there is less muscle contraction. When you wear flat shoes your foot is in its natural position, it actually strengthens your joints and results in reduced risk of injury.

The story is not yet over, the scary part is yet to come.

High heels can cause joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis. David Heitz writes in Healthline that the symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and stiffness in the joints. Over time it may cause a limited range of movement. Ouch! That hurts!

In a research study scientist selected three heel heights, flat, two inches and 3.5 inches, the participants completed the walking trials. The researchers measured the forces acting about the knee joint, and the heel strike induced shock wave, that travels up the body when walking in heels.

Using sophisticated equipment they were able to capture movement and force data and translate them into results. They conclude that, if you wear heels, especially two inches and higher it will cause adverse effects to your health.

High heels change the body position by changing the joint positions at the ankle, knee, hip and trunk. This can create strain on your lower back. Prolonged wearing and walking in high heel could contribute to joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis. 

Mark my words! The higher the heel, greater the risk.

Steps to prevent injury

Kinesiologists  advise you to wear high heels in moderation and also to wear low heels in order to enjoy optimal heel health. Tricia Turner a leading Kinesiologist recommends these exercises to improve your gait health.

Stretching- take a towel and pull your foot towards you for 30 seconds.

Strengthening- for this exercise you need a thread band. Use the thread band to resist the ankle as it pushes up and in.

Standing- to pep up your smaller muscles, put small objects on the floor and use your toes to pick them up.

Balance- Stand on one limb at a time. You should maintain that position for 30 seconds. You can close your eyes or stand on unstable surfaces, to make the practice more difficult.


Though you may be style conscious, your health becomes your first priority in life. So practice all these exercise and use high heels sparsely. In this way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Pep Up Your Morning With Colgate Fresh Max Cooling Crystals


It was a quiet morning, I got up a little early to complete my writing projects. I started to write this blog post and the whole house was quiet, I watched this  Colgate MaxFresh YouTube advertisement, Oh! my goodness, it really made me sit and watch and gave a new fresh breath energy. People watch this amazing dance from Colgate MaxFresh. This video would pep up your day.

Hearing a beautiful medley can pep up your sagging spirit and bombard you with zillions of positive ions. Music can affect your blood pressure, heart beat, respiration and even body temperature.

How does music stirs up your soul?

Science says that even the unborn babies are influenced by music. From the beginning of the trimester of the pregnancy period, the heart rate of the fetus changes when it hears a familiar song. From 35 weeks onwards there is a change even in its movement patterns. Now do you get my point?

Sad music might evoke positive emotions so says a Japanese study. Music that is felt to be beautiful, but sad makes people feel better when they are feeling blue a new study briefs us. I guess research studies don’t have to prove all this. Your soul knows it well.

Health benefits of music

      Positive mood allows the brain to think clearly so say researchers and music has got all the power to bring in positive emotions.
      Making music can improve voluntary behavior intended to help others and problem solving skills of young children according to a study.

     Music and singing in health care improve quality of life for older people by easing pain, anxiety and depression.

·      A literature review of articles related to anxiety and the use of music as therapy for people over the age of 65 found it has a positive influence on wellbeing by providing social interaction, improved memory and social inclusion.

·      Music lessons enhance the quality of school life. Singing in a choir and ensemble performance enhances the well being of kids.

Concluding thoughts

When your inner soul feels nourished, positive and ready to take on the world, then no force on earth can stop your success.

 These songs are the ones which I use to meditate, even while filling up the dish washer, or when doing any house hold chores I hear these beautiful songs. They bring peace to my soul.

I always watch these videos before starting my writing. These songs sets my mental ambiance to start my work in a brisk manner. Here we go.....

My God is Awesome by Charles Jenkins

Great are you Lord- Sinach

Every Praise - Hezekiah Walker 

Mighty God- Joe Praize

Let me rediscover you- Downhere

These are some ever green songs that pep up my day.

Vandemataram- A.R Rahman

China China Asai- A. R Rahman

How Great is our God - by Joshua Aaron

Heal The World- Michael Jackson

These are some of my favorite melodies
  Take care

This post was written for Colgate Max Fresh Move Activity

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Dabur Honey- Goodness of Wholesome Diets

It is always better to stick to the tried and tested path. I have seen many, so called crash diets fall by the wayside. We are created to eat a wholesome, healthy diet by the creator of the universe. So any changes to the original plan will be short lived with little success.

Dangers of crash diets

These quick fix diets promise to remove your unwanted body fat without any exercise. While this may seem effective in the near future. You are inviting a whole lot of health problems in the long run.

Some of the most popular crash diets include lemonade diet, cabbage soup diet, chicken soup diet, Hollywood diet and the idiot proof diet. There are even some more diets.

If the body is starved of the vital nutrients it may result in depression, moodiness, irritability and intense cravings. It can lead to bulimia and anorexia. These crash diets in the long run may cause osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency, liver or kidney failure, brain damage, stroke and heart attack.

In order to achieve the near impossible perfect body frame, people go on fasts, yo-yo diets, detox programs and cleanses, without realizing their health hazards. Researchers say that rapid weight loss slows down your metabolism and can lead to future weight gain.

Health professionals say that repeated crash dieting can lead to heart attacks. Yo-yo dieting can cause micro tears in the blood vessels due to shrinking and growing and this may lead to atherosclerosis and other heart diseases, say the top brains in the health world.

People I hope I have scared you to death, because this is my natural gift. That’s why God destined me to be a health writer. When I was a kid, I read about irregular heartbeats and scared my father so much, that he took some tests worth Rs. 20,000, in those days it was big money. The doctor after hearing that I scared my father and seeing everything was normal, advised my father never to make me study medicine, because I would scare people to death. But do you know something called destiny?

When you eat a healthy diet, that is when you include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, lean meat, eggs and milk in your diet. You will be more productive, happier, less stressed, you can maintain ideal weight, you will even eat less, because healthy foods have satiety value, they can increase feelings of fullness. The other benefits include long life span and less hospital visits.

When you couple healthy food with exercise you enjoy healthy way of losing weight. Gradual weight loss is healthy and it is advised by health professionals all over the world. I can give you an example from my own life, after my second delivery I tipped the large numbers on the weight scale. But a brisk walk for thirty minutes daily and a healthy diet has reduced my weight and helped me regain my self-confidence.

Take care

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Kelloggs Chocos - The Mantra of Buddy Parenting

Kids they drive you crazy, they make you seem dumb, and they make you happy. But altogether the time spent with them is precious. The sweet moments that we enjoy with them are like a passing mist, it just melts off so quickly. The time flies by and they are out into the big wide world, leaving you gasping with empty nest syndrome.

Neymar haircut

The kids are having their summer holidays in the Middle East countries. The son wanted an X-box 360 and a haircut like that of his favorite football player, Neymar. I really do not have any knowledge about the video games, but I wanted to inculcate certain strong values like hard work and sincerity in him. Moreover, I wanted him to know the value of money.

So I asked him to do some cleaning of which he gladly agreed. We have two balconies, one of which is cleaned almost weekly. The other one was quite dusty. The boy offered to clean that. It was very hot outside.

But he worked so sincerely and cleaned the entire balcony. I felt a wave of happiness inside of me. As promised he had his Neymar haircut that same evening. His father was so pleased with him that he bought him the video game.

The boy is so happy that he devotes his time to clean the shelves, shoe rack, kitchen drawers on a daily basis. At the end of the day I feel so happy that I have taught him the value of hard work.

Barbie play

The daughter is very much interested in dramatics, but less interested in maths. She does puppet shows with her Barbie dolls, enacting the story of the Disney film Frozen. She makes me sit and watch all those boring plays, while my mind busily plans ways of how to teach her skip counting and multiplication.

And so I made a deal with her. I will watch her boring doll show for 15 minutes and even publish her doll’s photo in my blog so she can brag about it to her friends, in return she has to study maths for one hour without murmuring, complaining and whining.

Well the deal worked out, but with a little murmuring of course, because I extended her study time to another 30 minutes. At the end of the day I got my work done and she made me see her puppet shows, without me dozing off in the middle.

She even threatened me that if I dozed off, she would never ever study maths again in her life. So I applied glue to my eyes and watched her doll show. This is how life is all about with the kids.
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This post was written for Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’

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