Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Awful Dangers of Highly Processed Foods- Pizza, Chocolates and French Fries

Highly processed foods are addictive. That’s crazy you might wonder. But it is true. Highly processed foods like chocolates, pizza and French fries are most addictive warn scientists.

Processed foods

Research studies tell us that highly processed foods are addictive, while the unprocessed version of foods such as brown rice are not addictive. So it is not rocket science to understand that people prefer highly processed foods.

Yet another interesting news is that, persons who were overweight or obese reported to have greater addiction problems with these highly processed foods. Scientists wonder whether these persons might be particularly sensitive to the rewarding properties of processed foods.

The best way to tackle this addiction might not be simply cutting it back. But to adopt methods that are used to curtail smoking, drinking and drug use, so say researchers. I hope you understood the magnitude of this problem.


A very recent research says that, emulsifiers which are added to processed foods might pose a big health concern. Emulsifiers are added to improve the texture and to increase shelf life of processed foods.

A recent study warns us that these emulsifiers alter the composition of gut mitochondria. For your information there are 100 trillion bacteria in the intestinal tract. Processed foods can change their composition.

This change in the microbial composition can lead to the development of inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome. Mayolinic points out that metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions such as increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body fat around the waist. These may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

My goodness that’s a lot of awful things. The next time you dip your teeth into that smooth, velvety chocolate cake think about this post.

Here are some healthy and easy to prepare food ideas

Soya, green gram sprouts and beans fry

This dish is easy to prepare, just throw in some beans, bean sprouts and soaked soya chunks, add some chili powder, salt and fresh crushed garlic pods in little oil and let the flavors mingle and cook till done.

Chicken chili fry

A very crispy recipe indeed. Pressure cook the chicken along with some spices. You can use the liquid for the preparation of soup. Add little oil, onion, red chilies, salt and the cooked chicken pieces. A piece of fresh ginger and garlic can notch up the taste. Fry well. Good food at your finger tips.

Cherry tomato salad
 Cut some cherry tomatoes, add salt chili flakes and parsley leaves.
A spicy salad is ready within seconds.


Hope you will try out these easy to prepare foods.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quit Worrying About Your Age - Live Life to The Fullest

Life is beautiful is it not? The days of our life are numbered on this awesome planet. So while we are in the land of the living we should enjoy each day. Achieving the goals you have in mind, dreams you want see come true, and life experiences you want to experience – spells a life well lived. Here are the top 5 things on my bucket list, which I want to do, before I move on to my heavenly aboard.

Travel to Cyprus

I love this island country situated in the Mediterranean region. This island nation lies at the crossroads of three continents. That’s stunning! Beautiful beaches and breathtaking Mountain trails make this place divine. The Troodos Mountains have a wealth of monasteries and painted medieval churches. The Troodos foothills contain pretty hill villages and vineyards.
There is so much to explore in Cyprus, I am just mentioning a few.

Write a book

I am a blogger, but one of my deepest desire is to author a bestselling, world famous book- Think Harry Potter. I want to leave a legacy in the literary world, making my mark as a greatest writer of my generation. Ouch! I think that is too much to ask. What topic should I write about? Health and wellness, a self-help guide, I don’t know, yet to make up my mind.

Learn pottery

I have always dreamed about learning pottery. But never have voiced it out. Good thing they run this contest! Working with your hands is something special and it freezes a snippet of time. Whenever you see the object, you remember the place, the situation, the color and smell of the times gone by.

Life is art, am I right? I have heard that pottery making is therapeutic; you can make real a creatively envisioned dream. All that sounds too good to be true.

Build a rehabilitation center for refugees

The world is a beautiful place to live. But the horrors of terrorism and war drastically affects the very existence of human civilization. The hopes, dreams, love, aspirations, goals of the people affected by these are buried under the weight of fear, anger, lost memories, anguish and pain.

God willing I want to start a rehabilitation center where people feel loved, welcomed and more than every thing safe from all the horrors they have endured. They can realize their worth, regain their self esteem and march towards achieving their goals. This wish is very dear to my heart.

Grow strawberries and cherry tomatoes

My daughter loves strawberries. And it will be a dream come true, if one day I can harvest some juicy red strawberries fresh from my balcony garden.

Something is there about cherry tomatoes. They are hauntingly attractive. The husband cannot understand my obsession with them. I wish to make a fresh home grown cherry tomato and strawberry salad. Can’t wait for that dream to come true.

Live life to the fullest.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sleep Well So The Brain Makes Healthy Food Choices

Think of your body like a machine, if the machine is maintained properly on a regular basis. It would function perfectly fine. Similarly for the body healthy food, proper sleep and exercise are needed for the smooth sailing, without any bumps and breaks along its way.


A new study has found that lack of sleep makes us consume more fat and less carbohydrates. The Salience network in the brain, when not received its due rest in the form of sleep, acts weird and makes us eat more fat.

What is salience network?

I think it is a very complex subject, but Dr. Kevin McGrew explains it easily in Creativity Post. Think of the salience network as a controller switcher. It monitors inputs of signals from the internal and external world.

It scans all the information bombarding from the inside and outside, and decides which is the most urgent signal and should receive priority. It prioritizes the signals in the queue, and sends it to the other areas in the brain, for processing. Hope you understood!

Scientists say that salience network is linked to heart racing, stomach churning, thirst, embarrassment and mental challenges.  Now, if you are not going to sleep properly, all these functions will be affected, plus you tend to consume more fats. So sleep well, because one factor may be linked to another.

The researchers found that sleep deprived subjects, ate close to 1000 calories during overnight wakefulness. The greater percentage was from fats than carbohydrates. Earlier studies have said that, lack of sleep increases food purchasing the next day. That means you tend to eat more food.

Lack of sleep affects our ability to choose proper foods. Here comes some good news! Studies say that a short nap, can help relieve stress, and boost the immune system of people, who slept for only two hours the previous night.

Through the lens

Sleep well, so that your brain does not act weird, and you can enjoy a clear and healthy mind which helps you to make wise food choices.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Notch Up Your Romantic And Wellness Quotient With These Beautiful Melodies

God ordained romance. The Holy Scriptures says that God felt that it is not good for a man to be alone, and so he created a woman. Can I say that the woman is the epitome of all creation? Ha, ha, just a thought.

Science says that love makes you stronger; it improves your psychological wellness, falling in love is good for your heart and brain. Being in a relationship that is filled with love improves your heart health, say heart specialists.

It seems that if you are in a loving relationship, you are less likely to smoke, exercise well, at least to please your spouse and have lots of friends. This type of life style reduces your stress levels and anxiety and improves your health quotient.

Here are some amazing romantic songs where puppy love metamorphoses into soulful love.

Such an innocent love song where this pretty girl Moriah Peters gives God the pen to write her love story, and the good Lord surprised her with more than she expected and she is on cloud nine and everything seems like a dream.

The wait, where time seems to stand still and you are eager to be with the love of your life. Jamie Grace beautifully portrays these feelings in her song White Boots.

And finally the big day arrives, where the bride walks into her life of dreams, and wishes that it stays that way for a hundred more years. Francesca Battistelli with her magical voice enchants you to another world.

Johnny Diaz sings this romantic song Thank God I Got Her, the beautiful stage in marriage, where you admire the other person for every little thing, and wonder, what would have happened if she was not in your life. You find her as the perfect fit for you, and the missing piece in your life. A beautiful song!

Jamie Grace sings about the divine love of the creator. Where he loved you for eternity, the lyrics and music will pep up your tired soul.

When your life overflows with love, naturally you want to make the world filled with love. Brit Nicole encourages you to show a little love and make this world a better place.

Hope you enjoyed all these romantic hits. Have a blast this Valentine’s Day!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Secret For Good Health - Your Positive Emotions Awe, Beauty And Wonder (Ideas For Mickey Mouse Themed Party)

Positive emotions play a crucial part in boosting your health quotient. I have research studies to prove my point. Now, that sounds great! Positive emotions such as awe, art and spirituality can work wonders for your health.

Positive emotions and well being

Yeah..yeah…they are linked. Scientists say that being in awe of the wonders of nature, immersing in soulful music and plunging into art can lower the levels of cytokines. These cytokines are small proteins and they excel in cell signalling. They signal the immune system to work harder.

These cell signalling cytokines gather cells to fight against infections, disease and trauma. If these cytokines are present in higher numbers and longer periods in the body, then that spells danger. It can be associated with disorders such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and even clinical depression.

At a quick glance be positive, think positive and act positive, and throw off all the negativity from your life, you will see a tremendous good health, being bestowed upon you, from the heavens above. Hey! I am not lying just telling you my own life experience.

The three pillars of good health are healthy diet, good sleep and exercise. The new fourth pillar is the positive emotions. Keep these pillars strong in your life and you will definitely reap the benefits. Remember the three dimensions of the fourth pillar- positive emotions are feelings of spirituality, awe and art.

In two separate studies, young persons reported their positive emotions such as amusement, awe, contentment, joy, love and pride. On the same day their gum and cheek tissue samples were taken.
Courtesy of Karen Salmansohn S  

Researchers found that those who experienced more positive emotions, especially awe, wonder and amazement had the lowest levels of cytokines. The wise strategy for good health would be to experience these positive emotions all throughout the day. You are the master of your emotions. It would do a world of good if you don’t allow others to control your emotions.

Negativity and negative emotions, can drag your health down to the pit. Studies have said that, elevated cytokine levels are linked to autoimmune diseases and depression. Now what they do is, they signal the brain to produce inflammatory substances, that can block health promoting key hormones that control moods, appetite, memory and sleep.

Take away

Stay positive, live life to the fullest; experience the feelings of beauty, spirituality, wonder and amazement spread sumptuously in your palette throughout the day. Enjoy each day, because it the gift to you from the creator of the universe.

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Birthday Express Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Staying positive means enjoying life and here is some great news from Birthday Express.
Planning for your kids’ birthday party any time soon? Here are some awesome birthday party ideas just for you. The timeless characters of mickey and Minnie mouse can notch up the adventure in your kids party.
Birthday Express has amazing Mickey Mouse Party supplies for your little boys and Minnie Mouse Party supplies for your cute daughters.



You can throw an open air party if the weather is pleasant. You can ask the kids to come in their favorite cartoon character outfits. You would be busy, so ask some of your friends to dress up like Minnie and Mickey mouse and have a blast. You could make some handmade invite cards with sparkling cartoon stickers to make it even more special.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Self-Affirm And Say I am Healthy, I am Strong And So Shall You Be

I am creative! I am beautiful! I am one of a kind! I am successful! Do you say these positive affirmations? Ha, she comes back with some weird advice, you might wonder. But take heed! This post could be life changing!

It is recognizing your value and saying the statement confidently and forcefully. If you value creativity then saying, I am creative is a self-affirmation.

Scientists say that self-affirmation can open our brains to accept advice that is hard to hear. Let us say for example if the doctor advises you to get more of exercise.

You should reflect on the value that brings meaning to it. Think along these lines, if I exercise I will have a slim and fit body, my performance will increase, and I can be more active and keep diseases at bay.  If you attach value to it, then affirm it.  You can surely achieve your goal.

Researchers say that when people are affirmed, that is you attach a value to it, and say it forcefully then the brain processes the message differently.

In a study participants were given self-affirmation exercises before getting health advice. The advice was that, people who sit less are at a lower risk of certain diseases.  The scientists used magnetic resonance imaging to see what happens inside the brain.

To their amazement they found that people who were given self-affirmation exercise before health advice, showed higher levels of activity in the key brain region during the health advice. The participants showed a steep decline in couch potato type sedentary behavior in the month following the intervention.

On the other hand, their counterparts who did not receive the self-affirmation exercise, before the health advice, showed lower levels of activity in the brain region. They continued with their sedentary behavior in the months that followed.

Take away

Attaching a value to a positive happening and declaring or affirming it can open special pathways in the brain and help you to achieve your goals. It is far better to say things like, I am talented, I am healthy, I am smart, I am the child of the most high God, and the creator of the universe loves me, than to say something stupid and negative.

Here is Pastor Joel Osteen’s The Power of  I am sermon, just amazing! And the best part is Oprah likes it. So have a look.

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